Fender Jaguar Guitars

Fender’s short-scale offset looks and sounds every bit as radical as it did in the ‘60s!

Fender Jaguar Guitars

The Jaguar was released by Fender in the early '60s as their Jack-of-all-trades instrument. Offering tonal versatility, short-scale playability and a striking aesthetic that stood out from the crowd, it struck a chord with the surf-rock crowd who wanted something a little different.

Skip nearly 60 years forward, and the Jaguar has a colourful history of players across the musical spectrum. It remains popular for being a short-scale alternative to the Strat or Tele. Johnny Marr of the Smith’s became a well-known Jaguar player; he favoured its jangly clean sound and biting driven tones thanks to its unique switching options.

Like many of Fender’s models, the Jaguar comes in many shapes and sizes nowadays. Some with humbuckers, some with simplified controls – and of course, the Jaguar bass. Check out our full Fender Jaguar selection below!

Fender Jaguar FAQs

How does Jaguar switching work?

Typical Jaguar switching is very similar to Jazzmaster switching. A rhythm and lead switch selects 2 different circuits. With the rhythm circuit engaged, you'll only be using the neck pickup. With the lead circuit engaged, you can switch between both pickups. The 3-way switch is replaced with a set of 3 individual switches. The first switch is a mid-cut, which squeezes mid frequencies of both pickups. The second and third are on/off switches for the bridge and neck pickups respectively. This lets you use the circuit switch as a sort of killswitch.

What's the difference between a Jaguar and a Jazzmaster?

There are 3 main differences between Jaguars and Jazzmasters. A Jaguar usually has either single-coils or humbuckers, while Jazzmaster will commonly feature soapbar-style single-coil pickups. Jaguar switching is also usually slightly different, offering a mid-cut switch and individual on/off switches for both pickups. Finally, a Jaguar commonly has a 24" scale length compared to a Jazzmaster's 25.5".

What kind of pickups do Jaguars have?

The Fender Jaguar traditionally has 2 single-coil pickups in the bridge and neck positions. Some varieties also feature humbuckers to offer a fatter sound.

What's the difference between a Fender Jaguar and a Fender Mustang?

Both the Fender Jaguar and Mustang are short-scale guitars, often with a 24" scale length. Their body shapes are slightly different, with the Mustang featuring slightly more subtle curves. Both guitars feature single-coil pickups and on/off pickup switches, though the Mustang doesn't have a pickup selector.

What's the difference between a Fender Jaguar and a Squier Jaguar?

Squier make great affordable/beginner-friendly guitars based on genuine Fender designs, including the Jaguar. The company is owned by Fender, and they use different materials and components, and manufacture overseas - this makes them more affordable.