Fender Jaguar Guitars

Fender’s short-scale offset looks and sounds every bit as radical as it did in the ‘60s!

Fender Jaguar Guitars

The Jaguar was released by Fender in the early '60s as their Jack-of-all-trades instrument. Offering tonal versatility, short-scale playability and a striking aesthetic that stood out from the crowd, it struck a chord with the surf-rock crowd who wanted something a little different.

Skip nearly 60 years forward, and the Jaguar has a colourful history of players across the musical spectrum. It remains popular for being a short-scale alternative to the Strat or Tele. Johnny Marr of the Smith’s became a well-known Jaguar player; he favoured its jangly clean sound and biting driven tones thanks to its unique switching options.

Like many of Fender’s models, the Jaguar comes in many shapes and sizes nowadays. Some with humbuckers, some with simplified controls – and of course, the Jaguar bass. Check out our full Fender Jaguar selection below!