Fender Bassbreaker Amps

The Fender Bassbreakers are the perfect Rock and Blues amp designed for the discerning player after a versatile tonal response.

Fender Bassbreaker Amps

The Fender Bassbreaker is comprised of amps that might have happened in the '60s if Fender decided to go after the rock amp market instead of blues and country players. They've got a more aggressive midrange, more gain and a far more ‘British’ tone.
These amps have got EL84 valves to give you plenty of power and authentically replicate the famous Brit sparkle. Since launching, the Bassbreaker range has been incredibly popular. It’s given players the choice between mid-range priced amps in the Hot Rod series and Bassbreaker series depending on taste.
The Bassbreaker range goes from the 7w small valve head all the way up to a 45w Head or combo and everything in between.

Fender Bassbreaker Amps FAQs

Is the Fender Bassbreaker a tube amp?

Bassbreaker amps feature EL84 tube valves, providing power and authentic British tones.

Is the Fender Bassbreaker a bass amp?

The Fender Bassbreaker can be used for electric guitar and bass.

Where are Fender Bassbreaker amps made?

Fender Bassbreaker amps are manufactured in Mexico.