Fender American Ultra Series Precision Basses

Built for discerning bassists looking for ultimate performance and versatility, the Fender American Ultra Precision Bass perfectly blends 21st Century innovation with timeless and trusted design.

Fender American Ultra Series Precision Basses

Fender certainly didn’t leave bassists out in the cold when launching its American Ultra series. Arguably the company’s most advanced version of this classic model, the American Ultra Precision Bass has undergone a number of tweaks that make it a far more complete and playable instrument – especially for 21st Century bassists.

The historic Fender construction remains, with Alder and Ash bodies available for the American Ultra P-Bass depending on its finish. The same applies for its fingerboard material, with either bright-sounding Maple or warm Rosewood on offer. Speaking of which, the American Ultra Precision Bass’ fingerboard is adorned with large Medium Jumbo frets and is carved to a modern 10” to 14” compound radius for a comfortable and controllable feel at all positions on the neck.

One of the Fender American Ultra P-Bass’ most notable features is its P/J pickup configuration. Allowing you to attain rounded punchy tones with the neck split-coil or raspy Jazz Bass-style sounds via its bridge pickup, this set of new Ultra Noiseless pickups also eliminates hum or buzz when playing at loud volumes or with overdrive.

If that doesn’t sound like quite enough, the American Ultra P-Bass’ comprehensive electronics give you far more flexibility. With treble, mid-range and bass boost/cut pots at your disposal, the Active/Passive mini toggle also lets you go from vintage to modern sounds at the flick of a switch!