Fender Acoustic Guitars

Fender Alternative Series Acoustic Guitars

Affordable, understated acoustics suitable for the beginner guitarist.

Fender Alternative Series Acoustic Guitars

Fenders Alternative range may be cost effective, but this doesn’t mean that they’ve had to compromise on quality. Designed for guitarists at the start of their musical journey, Fender have created a range of acoustic guitars that are both affordable, while maintaining a great sound.

Each guitar is constructed from a quality, laminate build. Ease of use comes in the form of an easy play neck, alongside a smooth fretboard. This allows for long periods of playing and proves easier on your fingers and hands.

The Alternative range was built with performance in mind. Both the Dreadnought and Concert variants contain Fishman electronics, providing you with a tone that stays true to the guitars natural sound. Its preamp design includes a small footprint, delivering consistent performance every single time. These models come in either a simple gloss, black, or sunburst finish – depending on your taste. Check out the selection below!