Fender Launch American Professional II Series!

Fender’s flagship US-made guitar and bass lineup has received a makeover - introducing the American Professional II series! New colours, refined hardware and re-voiced pickups bring these instruments up to an even higher standard.

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Elliot Stent

Fender American Professional II Series

Fender launched its popular American Professional guitar and bass range four years ago. Designed for musicians seeking exceptional playability, versatility and performance in equal measure; these best-selling instruments have served as solid workhorses for home hobbyists and touring pros alike. Always keen to refine their formulas, Fender has listened to its players’ feedback and collaborated with various artists in order to improve its offerings. The American Professional II series is the result!

Maintaining everything that made the original American Pro lineup so great, the spellbinding electric guitars and basses in the American Professional II range boast upgrades that bring them more up-to-scratch for contemporary musicians. These new instruments are undoubtedly some of the best Fender has ever made - striking the perfect balance between traditional design and modern practicality.

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Fender American Pro II Series - What’s New?

What’s the difference between Fender’s American Professional and American Professional II series guitars? As it turns out - quite a lot! Here are some of the key updates:

  • Popular Deep “C” neck shape now features rolled fingerboard edges for greater comfort
  • New “Super Natural” neck finish provides a fast, friction-free feel
  • Sculpted neck heels allow for unhindered upper fret access
  • Upgraded hardware includes redesigned bridges and asymmetrical bevelled neck plates
  • Refined V-Mod II pickups are “some of the best sounding” Fender has ever made
  • Newly-voiced 'Double Tap' humbuckers perfectly complement Fender’s V-Mod II single-coils (selected models only)
  • “Push/Push” electronics enable special pickup combinations; splitting options and series/parallel operation
  • Treble-bleed circuit maintains pristine highs at lower instrument volumes (electric guitars only)
  • Lightweight Roasted Pine body options available; punchy in tone with a stunning grain pattern
  • Gorgeous new Dark Night, Miami Blue and Mercury finish options
  • Deluxe molded hardshell cases with luxurious silver plush interiors

Fender American Pro II Basses on Andertons T.V.

The Fender American Professional II Stratocaster sets a new standard. Building upon the blueprint left by its popular predecessor, this updated Fender model is easier to play and offers greater tonal flexibility thanks to a host of small yet noteworthy refinements.

Retaining the acclaimed Deep “C” neck profile that so many Fender aficionados enjoy, the American Professional II Strat’s neck provides extra comfort thanks to its smooth, rolled fingerboard edges. And with a new “Super Natural” neck finish plus an ergonomic contoured heel - you can effortlessly glide up and down the neck with practically zero upper-fret restriction!

Fender’s brand new V-Mod II pickups breathe fresh life into the American Professional Stratocaster. Wound differently to their older counterparts, these revised pickups sound more articulate without losing any of their sparkly single-coil character. The tweaked ‘Double Tap’ humbucker serves as a perfect partner to these on the HSS models. “Push/Push” electronics open up the American Pro II Strat’s tonal palette too, allowing you to coil-split on the HSS models or add the neck pickup to switch position 1 with the SSS configuration - like a Tele!

Other enhancements include a newly-designed string tree for improved tuning stability and a cold-rolled steel trem block for greater sustain. Alder and Roasted Pine body options are available, as well as Maple and Rosewood fingerboards for most models.

Fender American Pro II Stratocaster - Official Demo

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Fender’s American Professional II Telecaster has received a similar overhaul to its Stratocaster cousin, with several upgrades that make it more suitable for today’s discerning players. If you’re looking for a classic Tele with a modern twist - the American Professional II Telecaster is a fantastic option!

Outfitted with V-Mod II single-coils, these pickups dish out that iconic Tele spank but with a touch more definition - making them usable with thick overdrive or even cutting high-gain fuzz. New “Push/Push” electronics enable parallel/series operation on the standard model and coil-splitting functionality on the Deluxe Telecaster - opening up a whole new range of tonal possibilities.

The slick “Super Natural” neck finish guarantees a slippery feel at all areas of fingerboard, with rolled edges providing smooth playability and a sculpted heel allowing for unhindered access to all of the American Professional II Telecaster’s 22 frets. If you want a really user-friendly Tele, the Roasted Pine body option is incredibly lightweight; excellent for the stage.

One of the biggest updates brought to the American Professional II Telecaster is a completely redesigned “Top Loader/String-Through” bridge. Allowing you to thread the strings through the body or from the bridge plate like a late ‘50s Telecaster; your favourite restringing method can be accommodated for! Contoured saddles are another thoughtful touch - improving intonation.

Fender American Pro II Telecaster - Official Demo

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The Jazzmaster is an alternative all-star. With its distinctive offset body shape, smooth tremolo and chimey “soapbar” single-coils - it’s no wonder why this guitar is so adored. The American Professional II Jazzmaster is a modern version of this classic instrument, with a more versatile voice and superior playability.

A comfy Deep “C” neck profile gives the Fender American Professional II Jazzmaster a contemporary feel, accentuated further with its ergonomic rolled fingerboard edges, smooth “Super Natural” finish and contoured neck joint that allows for effortless upper fret access.

Fender’s new V-Mod II pickups make an appearance in the American Pro II Jazzmaster too, with their altered construction enhancing their versatility. More punch and top-end clarity makes these single-coils some of the best ever featured in a Fender offset guitar! Intriguing new electronics really bring out the best in these pickups, with the slide switch putting the guitar in series mode and the “Push/Push” tone knob tapping the bridge pickup for a lower and more vintage-like output.

Like its Telecaster counterpart, the American Professional II Jazzmaster sports a newly-designed bridge - the “Panorama” tremolo. This refined piece of hardware offers a smoother arm action so that you can embellish lush chords or melodic lead licks with some tasteful vibrato. A pop-in tremolo arm is another practical appointment found on this instrument.

Fender American Pro II Jazzmaster - Official Demo

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The Precision Bass is iconic, and it would be sacrilegious to tamper too much with this classic formula! Fender’s new American Professional II Precision Bass is the perfect example of a modern instrument that hasn’t lost any of its identity or vintage charm. With a number of refinements that make it far superior to its predecessor, the American Pro II P-Bass is a fantastic low-end machine that can cover a lot of sonic territory.

The neck is one of the most noteworthy improvements. Shaped to a ‘63 profile just like on the old American Professional model, this comfortable neck has been finished with Fender’s brand new “Super Natural” coating that ensures a non-sticky, friction-free feel. Rolled fingerboard edges enhance playability even further, with a sculpted neck heel that provides ample access to all 20 frets.

Another improvement includes Fender’s redesigned V-Mod II P-Bass pickup, which dishes out more output than the older version with better tonal balance to boot. The Fender American Professional II Precision Bass is available in left-handed and 5-string configurations too - so southpaws and extended range players are catered for!

Fender American Pro II Precision Bass - Official Demo

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With its sublime playability and signature punchy tone, the Fender Jazz Bass has been a popular choice among bassists for six decades. The American Professional II version of this legendary instrument is one of the most versatile we’ve ever seen, boasting a number of updates that increase its appeal for contemporary players.

First and foremost, the American Professional Jazz Bass’ neck has undergone a superb ergonomic overhaul. Retaining the much-loved Slim “C” neck shape, the American Pro II’s neck features an ultra-slippery “Super Natural” finish and rolled fingerboard edges - taking the Jazz Bass’ famed playability to new heights. A contoured neck heel is another tasteful touch, giving you free reign in the upper-fret register.

Sonically, the Fender American Pro II Jazz Bass has a potent voice thanks to its V-Mod II single-coil pickups. Pumping out lots of output, these fresh-sounding pickups are clear and defined - lending themselves well to practically any playing style. With left-handed and 5-string models available, the Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass even has fretless options too!

Fender American Pro II Jazz Bass - Official Demo

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