Faith Hi-Gloss Acoustic Guitars

If you’re looking for an acoustic guitar with stunning aesthetics and incredible sonics, an instrument from Faith’s Hi-Gloss range would be a solid choice.

Faith Hi-Gloss Acoustic Guitars

Encompassing a raft of Faith’s original shapes and designs, including their Jupiter, Saturn and Venus models, the Hi-Gloss series of acoustic guitars may be at the upper end of the brand’s catalogue, yet they are still accessible to most players.

As their series name denotes, these instruments are finished in a super-shiny gloss finish that really enhances the grain of their tonewoods. Speaking of which, the Hi-Gloss series guitars feature vibrant-sounding Englemann Spruce tops and highly-figured Rosewood backs and sides, to project a warm low-end.

This combination of materials gives the Faith Hi-Gloss acoustics a fairly scooped tone, whereby the mid-range is a lot tamer than you’d find with other instruments. They therefore offer a more articulate tone that can easily capture the nuances of your playing, with pronounced highs.

Available as traditional acoustics or as electro-acoustics, the amount of choice within the Hi-Gloss range makes it one of Faith’s most varied product lines.