Faith Acoustic Guitars

Faith Classic Burst Acoustic Guitars

Faith’s Classic Burst models combine vintage charm with the perks of modern electronics.

Faith Classic Burst Acoustic Guitars

One of Patrick James Eggle’s favourite finishes (Faith’s founder), the instruments from the Classic Burst series boast an old-school character with their rustic 3-tone burst colour schemes.

But it doesn’t end at their aesthetics, as these acoustic guitars are also constructed from thoughtfully-selected tonewoods. Combining Red Cedar and Mahogany, you can expect a warm lower mid-range that supports a vocalist beautifully in a mix. 

Also featuring Solid Macassan Ebony binding, fingerboards and bridges, this exotic material gives the Classic Burst instruments some rich top-end clarity. This ensures that fingerpicked patterns have plenty of definition, translating the full idiosyncrasies of your particular playing style.

Despite their classic looks, these models are sure to appeal to modern players too with their Fishman electronics. Considered the class-leaders in acoustic pickup and preamp technology, Fishman’s modern systems can capture the pure tone of an acoustic and project it convincingly through a PA system.