Evidence Audio

Evidence Audio may be a familiar name to pedalboard aficionados, highly-regarded for their solderless cable kits.

Evidence Audio

Founded in 1997 by Tony Farinella, Evidence Audio’s guitar cable designs are based on over 30 years worth of research. Following the “less is more” ethos, Evidence Audio don’t exactly believe that a cable can make you sound better. Instead, they strive to create cables that offer less noise and audible distortion - ultimately for the purest, cleanest sound possible.

Their range starts at the SIS1 (screw-in solderless) cable kit, which includes 5 feet of cable and 8 right-angled jacks. This means that you can create 4 custom length cables, tailor-made specifically for your pedalboard. But if you want more, the SIS2 cable kit offers a length of 10 feet and 5 jacks, if you’re running a larger board that requires slightly longer patch leads to connect your guitar pedals.

Dan Steinhardt of That Pedal Show, who has put together pedalboards for some of the biggest names in the business, uses Evidence Audio solderless cable kits exclusively in his builds. Now, that’s a heck of an endorsement!