ESP TE Series Guitars

If you’re looking for a modern alternative to the classic T-type, an ESP TE series guitar has the looks and features to rival any similar contender.

ESP TE Series Guitars

T-style guitars are timeless, however with so many modern players seeking improved playability and more contemporary tones; resorting to other brands is understandable. ESP is one such company, known for producing cutting-edge instruments for guitarists looking for high-performance.

That’s why all TE series guitars in ESP’s current range feature humbucker pickups. Producing thicker tones that are more suited to high-gain; cheaper models are fitted with ESP-designed pickups while the more high-end options come with active EMGs.

The majority of classic T-types will feature Alder bodies paired with Maple necks. ESP and LTD TE models adhere to the second feature, but their bodies are made from Mahogany instead. This wood is known to produce richer lows and more sustain, serving as a better tonal foundation for the humbuckers.

Most ESP and LTD TE series guitars come fitted with hardtail bridges. Super-solid and low maintenance, these bridges allow you to easily make tweaks to your intonation and action. Selected models also feature Evertune bridges that, as their name suggests, never go out of tune!