ESP Guitars & Basses

ESP F & FRX Series Guitars & Basses

Holy guitar, Batman! If you’re after an extreme-looking instrument that can really make a statement onstage, an ESP F or FRX series guitar will fit the bill!

ESP F & FRX Series Guitars & Basses

There aren’t many guitar designs out there that are as extreme as ESP’s F and FRX series’. Featuring stealthy body contours, these gothic-inspired electric guitars definitely aren’t for the faint-hearted; they’re made solely for metalheads.

The more affordable LTD F series 200 models feature light Basswood bodies, paired with vibrant-sounding bolt-on Maple necks. Equipped with high-output ESP-designed humbuckers, these affordable guitars are great for intermediate players looking for something cutting-edge and contemporary.

The pricier FRX models have Mahogany bodies for extra low-end richness, and adhere to a modern neck-thru design. Enhancing sustain, this type of construction allows for excellent access to the higher frets, thanks to their smooth, sculpted heels. Fitted with active EMG humbuckers, these pickups are made for searing high-gain tones!