ESP '87 Series Guitars

ESP came to life in the ‘80s, capturing the flair and extravagant design of the times. The ’87 brings back faithful recreations better than ever with the same dynamite tone.

ESP '87 Series Guitars

Can we call the ‘80s retro yet? Well if so, the ’87 series packs ballistic retro explosiveness for days, from the bold colours right down to the nitty gritty electronics. Available in three shapes – the M-1, Mirage and the Eclipse, ’87 guitars are all about having fun and looking good while you do.

Once you’ve made the difficult decision to choose between two cool body shapes, you’ll need to opt for either a Tonepros-equipped hardtail or Floyd Rose floating bridge – both excellent at what they do and are sturdy companions.

All models are made of an alder body, extra thin ‘U’ shape maple neck and ebony fretboard. Mirage Deluxe bodies have a traditional bolt-on neck while every other guitar uses a set-thru construction. Playability is always at the forefront of ESP minds.

Depending on the body, you have the choice of three pickup configurations. The Eclipse gets two humbuckers – a Seymour Duncan ’59 and JB pair. The M-1 has a single fiery Seymour Duncan Distortion. And Finally, the Mirage keep the Distortion and adds a Duncan Hot Rail in the neck position.