Epiphone Acoustic Guitars

From classic archtops to licensed Gibson classics, the Epiphone acoustic range has got something for everyone!

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1 - 24 of 40

Epiphone Acoustic Guitars

Gibson are credited with pioneering the Jumbo acoustic design. For decades, they’ve built some of the most sought-after acoustic instruments in the business. Epiphone also have a reputation for making archtop and semi-acoustic instruments that, at one point, actually rivalled Gibsons own range.

With Epiphone working under Gibson ownership, you get the best of both worlds. Beautiful, affordable versions of some of Gibson’s most iconic acoustic instruments; this includes the Hummingbird and SJ-200 designs. Then there’s a wealth of additional options, designed by Epiphone themselves. Many are based on the classics, such as their Masterbilt range, while others are designed as contemporary alternatives for players on a budget.

If you've got any questions about our Epiphone acoustic range, please don't hesitate to get in touch - in the meantime, check out the full selection below!

Epiphone Acoustic Guitars FAQs

Are Epiphone Guitars Good?

Yes. Epiphone are the sister company of Gibson. They make more affordable, accessible versions of most Gibson guitars, as well as their own unique Les Paul, semi-hollow and archtop models.

Who plays Epiphone acoustic guitars?

Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Alex Lifeson (Rush) have all used Epiphone acoustics at one point or another, among a host of other world-class musicians.

What is the best Epiphone acoustic guitar?

The Epiphone USA Texan range is one of Epiphone's most expensive models. These acoustics are manufactured in the USA and feature excellent craftsmanship and high-quality tonewoods.