EBS Sweden

EBS are a notable brand within the bass world, producing amplifiers and effects pedals that deliver precise and powerful tones.

EBS Sweden

Hearkening from Sweden, like many of their Scandinavian contemporaries (including the likes of TC Electronic), EBS has always been a company keen to innovate and push the boundaries when it comes to bass guitar tone.

Their Reidmar 750 solid-state bass head is an incredibly modern-sounding amplifier, with a number of tone-shaping controls allowing users to craft the perfect low-end character. Boasting an effects loop and built-in compressor/limiter, this is a pro-grade piece of gear suitable for live and recording applications. 

The Classic Session bass combos are highly-portable amps that are fantastic for practicing or playing in small ensembles with. Unlike other amps that follow this smaller build, EBS ensure that their Classic Session units offer class-leading tone and projection.

In collaboaration with bassist extroardinaire Billy Sheehan, EBS has developed a signature drive pedal for the 4-string legend that provides his distinctive growl.