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EarthQuaker Devices The Warden V2 Compressor Pedal

Written by

Sam Beattie

The Warden V2 is EarthQuaker Devices’ latest compressor pedal, made to keep your tone even and in check. 

This intuitive control-filled stomp box is filled with sustain, optional added gain and an even ratio. 


Tone- Can colour the signal to your taste. Ranging from flat around 11 o’clock to boosted when turned further clockwise.  
Level- Controls the output and volume of the pedal. Turn to your preference in subtlety or heavy compression.
Sustain- The party trick of the pedal. The dynamism is really showcased here, as a less sustain means less attack and a cooler tone. More sustain and this turns it aggressive and lively. 
Ratio- Full or reduced compression. Can change depending on how much you’d like gain to affect the signal
Attack- Controls how quickly the pedal reacts to the signal and implements the changes.

A compressor with personality

Powered by an internal 18v, the Warden is guaranteed to provide you with more tone, rather than sucking the life out of your signal. Optical compression is well known for character in bucketloads. If you’re after a subtle leveller or a tone changer, EarthQuaker has the pedal.

Quiet and snug

With true bypass and an all analogue signal path you are guaranteed quiet switching. Top-mounted jacks also keep The Warden from taking up too much space on your pedalboard with cluttered cables.

Here's What EarthQuaker Say About the Warden V2 Compressor:

The Warden V2 is an optical compressor with a feature set usually reserved for studio grade units. Built with high grade components and internally powered by 18v, The Warden has loads of gain and sustain on tap. Optical compression has a reputation for having more character than a VCA or FET based compression and The Warden is no exception. So whether you’re going for a subtle level-evening, always-on tone enhancement or that obvious chicken-pickin’ pop and squeeze, The Warden is sure to deliver the sonic stranglehold you need.


• Optical compressor
• Enhanced feature set enabling control over parameters typically reserved for studio grade units
• Delivers everything from subtle sparkly studio compression to a tight chicken-pickin’ squash
• True bypass - Silent relay-based switching
• All Analog signal path
• Top-mounted jacks - for effortless pedalboard implementation

With complete control over attack, release, sustain and ratio, The Warden will allow everything from a heavy squash with fast attack and release to “barely there” subtle compression. This pedal was designed to slightly colour your tone, the coloration can be dialled-in to your taste via the Tone knob. Counter clockwise is treble cut, clockwise is treble boost. The tone is nearly flat around 11 O’clock.

Level controls the overall output and is affected by the sustain and ratio settings. There is no specific unity setting, adjust to taste when you find your perfect compression setting Sustain is the heart of The Warden. It controls how hot the signal is, which changes the dynamics of the compression. The Warden is a feedback style compressor, the hotter the signal, the more active the compression. Very little sustain results in very little compression, less active attack and release and a cooler signal. Max sustain results in heavy compression, longer sustain, hotter signal and more lively attack and release. Ratio determines how much the gain reduction affects the signal. All the way up is full compression and the compression is reduced as you turn this counter clockwise which allows more of the boosted, less compressed, signal to come through. There are no defined ratios here. Attack controls how quickly the compressor reacts and starts levelling the signal. All the way counter-clockwise is a fast, nearly immediate reaction.
Turning the attack clockwise slows the reaction time. Release controls how long it takes the signal to raise back up to the level determined by the sustain & ratio settings. All the way counter clockwise is a fast release and the release time slows as you turn it clockwise.

The Warden is true bypass and handmade with sweet loving care in Akron, Ohio

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