DynAudio offer hand crafted, high-end monitor speakers for the professional studio environment


Dynaudio are one of the first brands that you think of when looking to upgrade to a higher end speaker. Founded in 1977 in Skanderborg, Denmark, they aim to reproduce music and sound as close as possible to the natural experience.

Their BM series, now in their 3rd design are fantastic choices that outperform both their size and price range. They use an aluminium voice coil and it's been re-voiced around Dynaudio's next generation wave guide, delivering a high SPL and broad frequency response.

Dynaudio's latest Monitors are the LYD Series. Inspired through supplying some of the world's biggest recording studios, the LYD monitos aim to take the same technology found in full-on reference monitor systems and put it into a pair of compact nearfield active speakers.

To create the LYD speakers they went right back to the drawing board to redesign the speaker from the ground up. The results provide unprecedented levels of accuracy, warmth, responsiveness and tweakability to get the perfect mixing solution for your studio without spending thousands on an installation.