Cream T Pickups

Founded in 2000 by Norwegian Thomas Nilsen, Cream T Pickups have become the go-to pickups for some of the biggest players in the biz, including Billy F Gibbons, Bernie Marsden, Keith Richards and Jeff Beck. They also have a range of high-end guitars too!

Cream T Pickups

There are many pickup manufacturers who claim to have the best sounding or the most historically accurate pickups on the market. These are bold claims which only a handful of manufacturers can truly back up, but Cream T Pickups are definitely one of them! Hailing from Norway, Cream T Pickups have worked with some of the biggest guitarists in the world, including Billy F Gibbons, Bernie Marsden, Derek Trucks and Jeff Beck, to name a few.

Thomas Nilsen's revolutionary "Super Scanner" invention effectively scans the inner workings of a pickup and electronically measures its characteristics. It is then able to produce 100% exact electronic reproductions of the pickup for use in a different guitar. So if you're ever dreamed of having Billy F Gibbons' "Pearly Gates" tone but can't quite stretch to a 1959 Les Paul, these pickups are for you!

Most recently, Cream T have dipped their toe into the electric guitar world too, producing high-end solid bodies with a twist. Many of their models feature a unique, interchangeable pickup system that allows you to quickly and easily swap out the pickups for a plethora of different tones. You won't find that on any 'off-the-shelf" solid body!

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