Behringer Mixers

Kit out your studio and live mixing setup with Behringer’s assortment of mixers. From lightweight, portable devices, to multichannel digital mixers, you’ll be prepared for any situation!

Behringer Mixers

A mixer is an essential tool both in a recording studio and at a show, as it guarantees a professional and outstanding sound. Behringer know that very well and offer first-class, affordable mixers in various formats to suit anyone - from a singer-songwriter in his home studio, to a full band playing a festival. 

Behringer also go beyond the digital/analog debate, offering both digital and analog solutions for those who prefer a more processed, or more natural sound for their performance. Most of Behringer’s mixers, such as the X1622USB, come with built-in effects and “British” channel EQs to give you easy and effective hands-on control of your recordings.

If cables are still a taboo topic for you, Behringer’s mixers are all USB powered, ensuring you can get going straight away. 

Whether you need a more portable and close-packed solution for your home studio or are looking for a mixer to record multiple instruments and vocals at once, we’ve got you sorted with Behringer’s mixing desks, which offer from as little as one, to up to 40 channels, accompanying you through any performance.