Bare Knuckle P90 Pickups

Your classic P90 growl from one of the biggest Pickup brands in the world. Bare Knuckle are taking the soapbar pickup to new levels.

Bare Knuckle P90 Pickups

Bare Knuckle are relatively new the guitar pickup scene, but they’ve shaken it to the very core. These offer some of the best guitar tones suited to everything from jazz to blues and indie to metal.

Renowned for their modern, contemporary sound, Bare Knuckle are more than just ‘djent’ machines. Check out the unbelievable range of hum cancelling humbucker pickups from low output models like Nantucket 90 and the Half Note 90.

Moving into vintage hot territory, you have the likes of the Supermassive 90 and firmly in the contemporary you’ll find the Stockholm 90 and ‘Pig 90; inspired by the Warpig humbucker but even fatter and nastier.

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