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Aston Origin Microphone w/ Audient ID14, Aston Halo, Mic Stand and cable


What's Included

  • 1 x Aston Origin - Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • 1 x Aston Halo -Ultimate Reflection Filter and Portable Vocal Booth
  • 1 x Audient ID14 USB Interface w/ Scroll Control
  • 1 x Tourtech TTS-MI0822BK Microphone Boom Stand in Black
  • 1 x Numark Pro HF125 Headphones
  • 1 x Tourtech TTMC-6 20ft / 6m XLR Microphone Cable
Written by

Ollie Mason

This fantastic recording bundle combines the quality preamps and converters of Audient's interfaces with the widely acclaimed Aston Origin Microphone and Reflection Filter.

All you need is a laptop/desktop and you've got a portable vocal recording setup, voiceover booth or a compact producer studio.

Audient ID14

The ID14 is a USB audio interface that boasts "the best mic pre-amps on an audio interface" combined with top quality digital converters that will satisfy the most discerning audiophile. Compact and versatile, The ID14 turns your DAW into a world-class recording system with 2 dual mic/line inputs and a sleek and intuitive design. The ID14 is designed to be ultra compact and easy to take to any recording venue, but with expandability through optical connections, the ID14 is also versatile and able to connect to up to 10 extra input channels using something like an 8 channel mic pre. So if you need to track some drums or just need more inputs, you dont need to buy a whole new interface and compromise on quality . Whether you run Mac or PC, Pro Tools or Logic, setup is easy and you can start recording in no time.

Designed with a rugged all-metal construction, you get 2 classic Audient Class-A microphone preamplifiers, and a descrete and harmonically rich JFET instrument input designed to replicate the input stage of a classic valve amp. All inputs go through top quality Burr Brown converters for a clean and clear signal chain. 

In terms of outputs you get a dedicated high current headphone amplifier for pristine playback on your cans, and inputs for a pair of monitors. The iD14 gives you console style monitor control of your mixes, with professional features to dim, cut, polarity reverse, mono sum, talkback and cuemix monitor ; all from a compact little box.

To get the most out of your ID14 you are also supplied with an easy-to-use mixer app to route your audio effectively or save your settings for a session. What's more you can make use of the innovative iD button, which allows you to instantly control your DAW, plug-in parameters, the mixer app or even scroll through your iTunes library, just like your adjusting a piece of hardware. Wherever your mouse hovers, you can instantly get the tactile control of a phisical knob, allowing you to make musical changes rather than having to make incremental adjustments with the unwieldy mouse!

Providing top quality audio at this price point, you can't go far wrong with the ID14!

Aston Origin

The Origin is a high performance cardioid condener microphone using a 1" gold evaporated capsule. It's a workhorse mic that you could stick in front of most instruments, but particularly excells on acoustic guitar and vocals. It's built with some of the best components that you find in expensive boutique microphones.

The result is a direct, smooth and intimate sound that's the perfect recipie for a natural and transparent recording.

Wave Form Mesh Head

One of the most striking features of the Origin is it's waveform mesh head. This shock resistant band offers unprecedented protection to your microphones delicate capsule and components. Mesh heads have always been the first line of defence for your mic, but a heavy knock will at the least leave an unsightly disfiguring to the mesh itself. With the wave-form mesh, the head will distort to take the energy away from a heavy knock, but can be easily returned to it's normal position, without any damage at all.

Built-in Pop Filter

Aston Microphones also feature a built in pop filter that's even better than most filters on the market. It's random weave allows your vocals to pass unhindered, whilst stopping plosives dead. It also shields against electromagnetic radiation.

The other great thing about having a filter integrated into your mic is that it offers automatic protection from the outside world. its stainless steel mesh cage protects from unwanted moisture, grime and dust and can even be removed from the mic and washed; ensuring your mic will be clean and fresh and last a very long time!

In-built shock absorbtion

Each element inside the Origin has been designed with it's own shock absorbant design, meaning that the mic is inherently much more resistant to any minor lumps and bumps that could get into your recordings. Aston are so confident that they put a direct stand mount on the base of the mic so that you don't need any sort of mic clip or external shock mount. Of course you can still use a shock mount if you feel more confident using one.


  • Wave-form mesh head – this unique design provides shock absorption to   protect the capsule, with elastic mesh memory
  • Built-in pop filter using the latest stainless steel mesh-knit technology
  • Direct to stand microphone mounting
  • 2mm, solid stainless steel, laser-cut and etched chassis
  • Capsule - The Aston Sound - developed by professional artists, engineers   and producers
  • PCB – market-leading electronic design with WIMA capacitors
  • Eco-friendly packaging. No unnecessary frills; just well-designed, re-usable and recyclable packaging

Halo Reflection Filter

The reflection filter has now been a staple of the recording setup for a long time now, and although there have been quite a few different filters on the market, the general design hasn't changed all that much.

Up steps the fresh faced contender on the market Aston Microphones to offer a striking new design that signals a marked departure from the original design.

The First thing that strikes you about the Aston Halo is it's Ribena purple finish and space age design. The Halo is much more curved than any other design on the market so that it can capture more sound from the source before it can escape from the sides. This means that you get radically improved isolation and a 360 degree filtering area around the mic.

The filter itself offers a much bigger surface area and is made of the latest patented acoustic materials and proprietary moulding techniques which bring massively improved filtering performance. It also incredibly lightweight so you dont need a rediculously heavy duty stand or have trouble setting it up.

The Halo is designed to be as simple to get in place as possible. In addition to it's included "easy-mount" hardware and lightweight body, the Halo also features a cable tidy feature that feeds the mic cable down the back of the shield so that it cannot intefere with the recording by hitting the stand.

Main Features

  • Radically improved isolation
  • 360 degree filtering (vertical, not just horizontal plane)
  • Much bigger surface area (approx. 40% bigger than main competitor, and ridges almost double this again)
  • More linear absorption
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Proprietary ‘easy-mount’ hardware
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