Antelope Audio

Antelope Audio Converters & Clocks

Looking professional-grade studio gear? Antelope Audio offer a world-class selection of AD/DA converters and clocks to get your setup up to speed in no time.

Antelope Audio Converters & Clocks

With over 20 years of experience in digital audio development Antelope Audio have become a go to brand for large studios around the world who want the highest quality, most accurate recordings they can get.

From their relatively entry-level Liveclock Master Clock to the pristine 10MX, clocking and AD/DA conversion are among Antelope's specialities. They've won numerous awards for their research and design in this field, including pioneering the use of atomic clock generators in master clocks. This commitment to cutting-edge tech is what helped put them on the map - now their gear can be found in countless studios worldwide.

Check out our range of Antelope Audio converters and clocks below!