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Alvarez Jazz & Blues Series Guitars

Inspired by a golden era of American music, a refined selection of Parlour-style instruments from the long-time trailblazers of the acoustic world.

Alvarez Jazz & Blues Series Guitars

With one of the most diverse & comprehensive instrument catalogues on the market, Alvarez are considered a leading name in the industry – and we’re thrilled to be stocking them at Andertons Music Co!

The popular Alvarez Jazz & Blues series features a range of designs inspired by one of the definitive chapters in American music. The small-bodied acoustic guitar formula was made popular in early 20th Century America, when times were hard and music gave the downtrodden a voice of their own.

As with the rest of their diverse catalogue, Alvarez combine modern manufacture techniques with unique tonewood treatments and beautiful design. The resulting instruments are top-class, offering authentic, articulate sounds and spellbinding looks. Several tweaks to this classic formula also give the Jazz & Blues offerings a uniquely modern edge – expect crystal-clarity and attention to detail!

All things considered, The combination of innovative design, solid tonewoods and affordable price tags makes Alvarez guitars great alternatives to many leading Taylor, Martin and Gibson models. If you’d like to know more about our selection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – in the meantime, you’ll find the full range below.