Alexander Pedals

Alexander Pedals boast a vibrant range of effects ranging from modulation to ambience and just about everything in between!

Alexander Pedals

Alexander Pedals are based in the US, headed up by Matthew Farrow and his trusty team of gear wizards. Each pedal is hand-built in the town of Garner, North Carolina, and is carefully tweaked and put through rigorous quality control before being given the go ahead!

While their staple pedals are built on familiar formulae (overdrives, vintage delays), they’ve been getting bolder and bolder as the years have gone by, with some of their more outrageous offerings sending shockwaves throughout the guitar gear world! This includes the Quadrant Audio Mirror Delay, which weaves a complex tapestry of timed ambience and filtered echoes, and the absolutely bonkers Colour Theory Spectrum Sequencer, a pedal that’s hard to put into words!

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