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Best Guitar Amps for Beginners

If you're new to the electric guitar, you'll need an amp to be heard. Check out our carefully curated selection of guitar amps for beginners!

Best Guitar Amps for Beginners

Only the best will do! We've taken time to ensure that our selection includes only the best guitar amps for beginners. This means affordable, reliable and easy to use entry level amps suitable for every style. Whether you're a blues player, rock player or you're still finding your feet, our entry level amp range has got you covered.

We stock electric guitar amps from the likes of Orange, Marshall, Roland, Vox and many more - all of the biggest names. You'll have a great electric guitar sound, easy to use controls, and the best bit - they're quiet enough to not upset the neighbours!

If you want to know more about which amp you should buy, check out our guide here - or if you'd like to see more of our beginners' instrument ranges, click here. In the mean time, you'll find our beginner guitar amp selection below!