Best Acoustic Guitars Under £200!

Are you in the market for a new acoustic guitar? Perhaps it's your first, or maybe you're looking to upgrade - don't fret, we've got you covered!

For this handy guide, our resident acoustic experts kindly picked out their favourite guitars under £200 - read on for the full lowdown!

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Sam Beattie


Choosing a new guitar can be a lengthy process - we've all been there. Hours of research, so many options to choose from, the investment to consider; the list goes on.

Here at Andertons Music Co, we want to instead make this process an easy & enjoyable one! We caught up with Ben & the team in the acoustic guitars department to get their top 5 recommendations for acoustics under £200. Let's see what they picked...

1. Fender CC60S Concert Sized Acoustic Guitar

Fender have made a number of tweaks to their CS range over the years to offer improved quality without affecting the price. In the case of the CC60S, it means an Easy-To-Play neck, a Mahogany/Spruce/Rosewood tonewood combination and rolled fingerboard edges - all for well under £200.

Best for: beginners getting to grips with chord playing. This guitar's size and design offer an ergonomic playing experience and well-rounded tone, great for taking your early guitar playing steps.

2. Sigma OMM-ST+

We cheated a little bit - this one overshoots our budget by £25, but we've included it because we reckon that's money well spent. Sigma have a reputation for making guitars inspired by the classics; the OMM-ST+ instead opts for contemporary feel and sound. Ergonomic curves, a resonant Mahogany and Spruce tonewood combo and a timeless understated look - this guitar's quality far outweighs its modest price tag.

Best for: value for money. Yes, it's over £200 - but this guitar offers superior playability and design than many competitors at this price point. 

3. Fender Classic Design CT60S in Black

The short-scale travel-size Fender CT60S is based on the classic Auditorium acoustic shape. They've kept the design simple; an understated symmetrical design with a sleek black finish, rolled fingerboard edges and a silky-smooth Rosewood fretboard offer a no-frills playing experience with a healthy injection of Bohemian attitude. 

Best for: buskers and open-mic frequenters who want something easy to use and just plain cool looking!

4. Alvarez AU70WB6 AU90C Artist Concert Ukulele

A bit more a of a left-field pick here, but brilliant value nonetheless. Ever fancied playing a uke? The Alvarez AU90C isn't just a toy like a lot of cheap ukes. This is made of premium woods using quality methods to get the best of the lively tone. Nylon strings are also great for younger children where steel strings would be tough on un-calloused fingers. 

Best for: playing your favourite songs in hula form. Or great as a guitar for kids to play thanks to its size and playability.   

5. Epiphone AJ-220SCE in Ebony

This classy instrument boasts a 100% Solid Sitka Spruce top - meaning significantly improved resonance and sustain. Epiphone also provide a NanoFlex pickup system built-in, allowing full amplification loud and proud. Add retro-inspired looks and you've got a brilliant acoustic that ticks all of the boxes.

Best for: hard-hitters looking to play rock and other contemporary styles, but with a touch of old-school cool to boot.

Want to know more?

If you'd like to know more about this article or the guitars that we chose, please don't hesitate to get in touch - we've got a full-time team of friendly, knowledgeable gear nerds who can answer any query you may have! 

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