B-Stock Drums

Get yourself some new toms, snares, cymbals and more on a budget! Our B-stock Drums are in full working order and come with a full warranty! So you can enjoy new gear and bag yourself a bargain!

B-Stock Drums

B-Stock drums are those that for one reason or another, cannot be sold as brand new. The most common reasons for drum parts to be advertised as B-Stock are:

  • They have been previously purchased by a customer and returned within the 14 day return period, or the 30 day exchange period. 
  • They have minor imperfections or shows slight signs of use (small dings, pick scratches etc).
  • They have been serviced or repaired.
  • They no longer have their original packaging.

All of our B-Stock drums go through a strict check to see that the products are in the best condition possible before we list them online. Usually our B-stock items just have just a tatty-looking box, but always check the description before buying. What's best is that they come with a full manufacturer warranty, just like brand new, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a new drum part and save yourself some money in the process! We regularly update our B-stock drums section, so always have it on your radar if you love yourself a bargain and some new gear!