Ibanez AZ Series Guitars

The Ibanez AZ Series simultaneously offers retro simplicity and cutting-edge performance for a truly pro-grade playing experience!

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Ibanez AZ Series Guitars

This classy series in the Ibanez range combines versatile specs, lush playability and understated aesthetics. If you're after Ibanez's formidable performance, but with distinctly classy, nostalgic flavours, the AZ series might just be for you.

With features like the comfortable oval-C neck profile, lightweight Basswood body, smooth mid-output Seymour Duncan pickups and cutting-edge Gotoh hardware, the AZ range perfectly strikes the perfect balance between precision and style. You'll have incredible tuning stability, a rich tonal palette with a wealth of switching options, and a gorgeous feel to top it off thanks to the maple and/or wenge necks. A new retro-style headstock design and a series of alluring finishes ooze class and elegance; you'll be spellbound at first sight. 

The aim of the game is a stripped-back set of features that deliver with minimal effort, allowing you to fully explore your creativity and push your musicianship to the max. This is the epitome of a workhorse instrument!

Ibanez AZ Series Guitars FAQs

What is the Ibanez AZ Series?

The AZ Series was unveiled by Ibanez at the 2018 NAMM Show. Ibanez’s first original guitar design for a few years, the AZ is unique in their product catalogue for its understated yet elegant looks. Following a classic S-Type shape and sporting the brand’s old-school ‘Roadstar’ headstock design, the AZ is not aimed at Ibanez’s typical metal audience. Instead, Ibanez’s AZ guitars are simply built to offer exceptional playability and versatile tones.

Who plays an Ibanez AZ Series guitar?

Ibanez’s AZ guitars have been well-received since their release, finding popularity particularly among modern virtuosos. Polyphia’s Tim Henson and Scott LePage have their own signature Ibanez AZ models, with Chon’s Mario Camerena and Erick Hansel using theirs to also power their progressive instrumental rock sound. Jazz-fusion masters Tom Quayle and Martin Miller likewise have their own artist guitars, and many players are now jumping onboard the AZ train.

What pickups are used in an Ibanez AZ Series guitar?

Ibanez AZ guitars come equipped with Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups; designed exclusively for these models. Balanced-sounding and projecting a medium output, Seymour Duncan’s Hyperion pickups are very touch-sensitive and allow your playing nuances and dynamics to shine through - for ultimate expression.