Audient ASP Preamps

Audient's line of ASP Mic Preamps are designed with expandability in mind, making it the perfect addition to your audio interface. Upgrade your current setup with 8 channels of Audient's console mic preamps and class leading converters.

Audient ASP Preamps

With the ASP Mic Preamps, you can expand your existing recording setup to easily record drums, whole bands and generally take on bigger sessions. Put the renowned Audient Console Mic Preamp to use to give your recordings that special touch. Designed to deliver ultra-low noise and low distortion with a sprinkle of classic analogue warmth, the ASP's eight Audient Console mic pre’s will always give you the professional sound you're looking for.

Designed to authentically replicate the input stage of a classic valve amplifier, Audient's mic pre's confidently captures your signal producing an incredibly clean and consistent recording every time. You'll be able to easily integrate outboard effects such as EQ and compression before the analogue-to-digital converter, allowing you to record using your favourite outboard gear with minimal fuss. 

Housed inside of an all-metal construction, with hand finished aluminium knobs and high-grade components, the ASP Mic Pre's contain an impressive set of powerful features inside of a extremely well-built unit.