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Arturia PolyBrute Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

"The Best Brute Yet" - Stephen Morris (New Order)

Written by

Will Brook-Jones

Arturia are known across the industry for their innovative instruments brimming with cutting-edge tech, and the new PolyBrute is no exception. It's a powerful and intuitive 61-key, 6-voice polysynth - augmented by hands-on controls, intriguing sound morphing, a stereo dual-filter system, and modulation functionality with almost limitless possibilities. Building on the legacy of its MiniBrute and MatrixBrute predecessors, the PolyBrute brings its very own unique voice to the table. 

PolyBrute | Morphing Analog PolySynth | ARTURIA

Tactile Tweaks 

You'll have real-time control over the finest details of your sound thanks to the PolyBrute's range of dedicated switches and knobs that span the units panel. These make navigation and setting tweaks an absolute breeze, and even generate MIDI information. This means you can record any change you make, becoming a seamless part of anything you're working on in your DAW. 

And that's just the start. Within each analog voice, a suite of tools help you to mould tones that are completely your own. Each contains a pair of Brute wave-shaping VCO's, a Steiner multimode filter, full-spectrum noise generator, 3 LFO's, 3 envelope generators, a custom low-pass ladder filter, and a whole lot more! This suite amalgamates in the Matrix, allowing for modular-style patching flexibility.  

The 6 available voices can be harnessed polyphonically, or in layers and splits, depending on your sonic preferences. This makes the possible variation on sounds almost limitless, with tones spanning just about everything you can think of. 

The Matrix 

This is the backbone of the PolyBrute. It gives you 768 presets to experiment with which can be accessed immediately. Using the Matrix' interface, you'll be able to alter parameters and utilise modes which will benefit your composing, recording and performance workflow. 

For example, Sequencer mode benefits your polyphonic sequence generation, hybrids and arpeggios. This is made simple, as the Matrix transforms into an easy-to-reference visual interface displaying the key info required. You can also record and then replay notes, as well as any changes you make to your synth settings - resulting in a Sequencer with exciting and evolving modulation capabilities. 

With Mods mode, the Matrix button section is turned into a digital patchbay. This lets you route controllers and modulation sources to effect a whole host of different parameters. In total, there are 32 modulation directions and 64 connections, meaning there's plenty to play around with here. 

Sonic Blends 

Each built-in preset on the PolyBrute exists in two differing states at the same time. What does that mean though? Well, you can use the Morph knob to swap between each on-the-fly, ensuring you can craft some constantly evolving sounds. 

Multifunction/pitch wheels only increase your opportunities - with a serious level of expression and flexible assignment of parameters both on offer. These are bolstered further by a touch-sensitive section at the top of the keyboard that unlocks even more sonic variety and control. 

However, it's the Morphée three-dimensional touchpad where things get even more exciting. This allows for 32 assigned Matrix modulations per axis, as well as 3-axis control of arpeggiator and sequence randomisation and patch morphing. 

Arpeggiation/Sequencing Offering 

Speaking of sequencing and arpeggiation, the PolyBrute is equipped with enhanced functions in both departments. When it comes to arpeggios, you can create arpeggios that flow in a variety of alternate ways, with the option of repetition in the higher octaves. Add to this a Matrix Arpeggiator mode (boasting a hybrid 16-step system) and you can craft far more developed arpeggiated pieces.  

The Matrix can then be used in Sequencer mode to develop a 64-step sequence - letting you explore dynamic alterations and real-time modulation without needing to be near the keys. This sequence can then be changed using randomisation, accents, velocity and more to create something that's far more interesting. 

Sensational Stereo

Right and left unbalanced 1/4-inch jacks have been incorporated into the PolyBrute specifically for your master stereo audio output. And as the stereo field is so important, you can even control and effect the stereo displacement of voices via the output section. You'll use this to pan the 6 voices right or left, creating an all-embracing width in the process. 

Or, if you prefer, utilise the dual-filter design (which can be routed in parallel) for a more subtle stereo sound. It's here where you can trigger opposing dynamic sounds in the right and left channels - making for a cool auditory mix. They can also be changed further using the morphing functions. 

To finish off the excellent engineering, a suite of onboard premium digital effects add the sonic seasoning to any patches in stereo. These span new delays and reverbs, as well as some fan favourites from Arturia's software FX Collection.  

Software Included

  • Arturia MIDI Control Center 
  • PolyBrute Connect


  • 61-note pressure and velocity sensitive keyboard. 
  • 6-voice analog morphing polysynth. 
  • Dual filter architecture (Dr. Bob Moog's 24dB Ladder and Steiner Multimode). 
  • Noise generator encompasses everything from white to red noise. 
  • 2 Brute wave shaping oscillators available per voice. 
  • Use the PolyBrute Connect software (for PC/Mac) to enhance your workflow and library management. 
  • MIDI Out/In, plus Thru DIN Connectivity and USB MIDI. 
  • Right and left unbalanced 1/4-inch output jacks. 
  • Integrated stereo digital effects (delay, chorus, reverb etc). 
  • Multimode complex arpeggiator. 
  • 64-step sequencer with automation and motion recorder. 
  • Pitch wheel plus an assignable multi-function modulation wheel. 
  • Assignable ribbon controller. 
  • 3-axis Morphée controller allows for enhanced real-time, hands-on expression.
  • Three contrasting modes for the keyboard: Mono, Poly and Unison. 
  • Layer or split your keybed using the morphable sonic states. 
  • 2 states per preset, easily blended via the Morph control. 
  • 64 Matrix points allows for modular-like patching. 
  • Matrix interface for sequencing, modulation and preset control. 
  • 3 envelope generators. 
  • 3 LFO's.
  • Filter FM and master filter control. 
  • Compatible with Arturia's wooden legs accessory (sold separately).
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