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Guitar Headphone Amps

Want to practice guitar silently without sacrificing tone or feel? Check out our curated selection of guitar headphone amps! With these ingenious devices, you can just plug in & play whenever inspiration strikes.

Guitar Headphone Amps

In a live performance setting, nothing beats a big amp stack that pumps out lots of volume. But at home, this kind of rig doesn't really work — especially if you have thin walls and attentive neighbours! Of course, there are plenty of small combo amps and practice amps on the market which give you great sounds at lower volumes and without taking up too much space. However, you can go even smaller if you want to. That's where guitar headphone amps come in!

These portable units, which you can easily store in your guitar's case/gig bag or in a draw/cupboard at home, let you enjoy immersive amp tones without the need for an actual amplifier or speaker. Typically equipped with multiple sounds and even built-in effects, they provide you with enough versatility to feel like you're getting the most out of your practice sessions. Just plug one of these into your guitar, connect a pair of headphones — and jam away! A lot of these units even boast auxiliary inputs and bluetooth connectivity too, so that you can play along to songs or backing tracks from your computer/phone.

But are there any all-in-one guitar amp headphones? By that, we mean headphones with amplifier sounds and effects already built in? Yes, there are! While often more expensive, these all-encompassing products make it even easier to set up and practice. Some of these come kitted out with more niche features too, such as gyro sensors which emulate that authentic " amp in a room" experience. They're pretty cool!