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Alesis Electronic Drum Kits

Alesis Electronic Drum Kits

Electronic kits for beginners? Electronic kits for professionals? No matter your budget or skill level, Alesis is bound to have developed a kit that’s right for you. 

Sitting at the entry-level price point, you’ve got the Turbo, Nitro and the Surge; for intermediates, there’s the Crimson II and Command sets; at the higher end of the spectrum you’ll find the DM10 MKII Pro. For full-time players and serious enthusiasts alike, the newly released Strike Pro has got you covered. It’s an extremely powerful and versatile percussion platform. 

One thing ties all of these models together though - mesh heads. This design choice leads to a far more realistic playing experience, with a response and feel that aims to mirror the characteristics of a traditional acoustic kit. 

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