The accordion remains an extremely popular instrument with a rich heritage under its belt. We stock an excellent variety here at Andertons Music Co!


The accordion is a traditional instrument developed in the early 20th century, though it’s associated with instruments that go as far as back as Ancient Greece. While it’s commonly found in European folk music, it’s used worldwide for a wealth of different musical styles. In some South American countries, it’s often heard in popular music.

Nowadays, while traditional acoustic accordions still exist, digital versions are more commonplace. Designed to mimic the responsive bellows, a digital accordion will respond to pressure and speed at which you move the instrument – just like the real thing.

As with digital pianos and synths, modern digital accordions such as the Roland FR4X offer a wealth of onboard sounds. Flick between a traditional European accordion and an electric piano sound or opt for a double-bass and vibraphone combination – the choices are endless!

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