Yamaha THR Amps

The Yamaha THR amp series combines the perks of modern portability with the power and sounds of traditional guitar amps. Now in their second iteration (THR-II), these ergonomic amplifiers are better than ever!

Yamaha THR Amps

The original Yamaha THR10 amplifier was a revelation when it was launched a few years ago; marketed as an all-encompassing practice amplifier. With its compact lunchbox-style chassis, the THR10 boasted 9 different amp simulations, multiple modulation and time-based effects, 5 savable presets, a full 3-band EQ section and a pair of 8cm full-range speakers.

Fast-forward to late 2019, and Yamaha gave it’s THR range a significant overhaul with the launch of the THR-II series. Yamaha's THR-II amps retain the same form-factor of their older counterparts, albeit with slightly fancier front grille styling. The main upgrades have more to do with their feature-sets, with Yamaha packing its THR-IIs with almost twice as many amp and mic emulations. Also offering wireless compatibility with Line 6's G10T transmitter and Bluetooth support for stereo audio playback, the USB connectivity enables direct recording to your computer's DAW software too - no external interfaces required!

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Yamaha THR Amps FAQs

What are Yamaha THR amps good for?

The Yamaha THR is an incredible combo practice amp. The range contains everything you need to produce a wide variety of quality tones and effects. They also contain an impressive amount of connection options, allowing you to record direct into your PC and hook your phone up to use the THR as a speaker. Some models allow for completely wireless connection.

What is a modelling amp?

The Yamaha THR is a modelling amp, which recreates the tones of other famous amps. It packs in lots of customisation options and the ability to download “patches” - other tones created either by Yamaha or THR users, for your own use.

Does the Yamaha THR run on tubes or valves?

Yamaha THR amps are solid state, which means they do not need valves to run. However, they do have the option to change the sound depending on the valves they are modelling. For example, you can choose EL34s for a British tint or 6L6s for an American grunt.