Second Hand FAQ

Not only do we sell second hand gear at Andertons Music Co. but we also offer a part-exchange service that enables you to trade in your unwanted gear towards something new and shiny!

Every time you shop with us, we'll give you points which you can put towards future purchases, in store and online!

Why you should buy Second Hand

Pre-loved items at market-beating prices   ✔

  • Items often unused

3 month warranty   ✔

  • On all second hand items

Rare vintage and retro second hand gear   ✔

  • Find something quirky at a great price

Second Hand FAQs

What kind of warranty does Andertons offer on second hand items?

We offer a 3-month parts and labour warranty on all second hand items that we sell. 

Do you inspect second hand items before trading them in?

Every item is thoroughly inspected before we accept it in part exchange. We won't take items that don't meet an acceptable standard! We make sure that items are in full working order and acceptable cosmetic condition - in most cases, acceptable items have minimal cosmetic damage, but nothing that stops them from working!

Why you should trade your gear with us

Less hassle than second hand selling sites   ✔

  • Don't worry about listing your gear, just part-exchange with us

Upgrade for less   ✔

  • Get your new gear quicker by selling your old gear

You'll always know how much you're getting for your items   ✔

  • Prices confirmed while you wait

Part Exchange FAQs

I want to trade my old gear in. How does part exchange work at Andertons?

We offer customers the opportunity to trade in old gear as part exchange towards a new item. The value of your used item will count as a discount towards the new piece of gear. 

Can I get cash or credit from Andertons for my used items?

No, unfortunately not. We deal in used gear on a part exchange basis only.

How much do I get for my gear? And how much do you sell it for?

We have a very open and honest approach to part exchanges – we will value the item at what we think we can sell it for, and we will offer the customer a fair amount based on that valuation.

If we value your item at under £150 we will offer you 1/2 of the valuation.

If we value your item between £150 and £1500 we will offer you 2/3 of the valuation.

If we value your item at over £1500 we will offer you 3/4 of the valuation.

E.g. if we think something is worth £300 to sell, we’ll offer £200 to you on a part exchange.

You’ll never find out that Andertons has bought something from you at a really low price to sell for a really high price.

How do you decide what my gear is worth?

We have years of experience in selling used musical gear, so we often have a good idea of what items are worth on the second hand market. In addition, we use various web listings like eBay and private ad listings to estimate value.

How do I go about part exchanging my old gear?

Ideally, you should bring the goods into our Guildford store – any day of the week is fine. 99% of the time we will be able to give you a valuation on the spot.

If you can’t make it to the store, call or email us with details of the items you wish to part exchange, and we will let you know the best way to initiate a deal. Please note, we cannot give you a firm indication whether we will accept a part exchange, or a valuation until we have seen items "in the flesh".

I don't live near your Guildford store. Can I still trade my old gear?

Please contact our mailorder to see if something can be arranged. We generally only accept part exchange in person, in our Guildford store.