RYRA is a small pedal manufacturer headed up by Shane Logan. RYRA stands for Rocking Your Repaired Amps and they’re predominantly known for their Klone pedal - but they build bespoke guitars too.


Made in America, all RYRA pedals are meticulously built and go through a painstaking QC process by Shane himself.

The RYRA Klone

The Klone absolutely nails the holy grail of adding gain to your tone without significantly affecting the tone. The Klon is probably where the ‘Transparent Tone’ term originated, and though it’s often bandied about (often incorrectly) it is the best way to describe what a Klon sounds like.

It will push the front end of your amp to give you a warm but clear overdrive sound and with it’s simple layout, you’ll easily be able to dial in a guitar sound that cuts through the mix, without being too harsh and offer sweet, singing sustain.