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Roland FANTOM Keyboard Synthesizers

Roland FANTOM Keyboard Synthesizers

Fusing Roland’s latest synthesizer technologies with fluid operation, an intuitive colour touchscreen and deep computer integration; the FANTOM is Roland's most powerful flagship keyboard to date.

Designed solely for modern players, the Roland FANTOM is a professional-grade keyboard/synth that is built for music production and live performance purposes. Offering superb playability with its expressive, semi-weighted keys (FANTOM-6 and FANTOM-7) and PHA-50 keybed (FANTOM-8); the FANTOM also boasts a rugged, tour-ready construction to meet the demands of everyday life on the road.

The Roland FANTOM allows keyboardists to compose and perform with practically zero limitations. Integrating seamlessly with many computer DAW software titles (Logic, MainStage, etc.), the FANTOM is designed to enhance your creativity and accelerate workflow. With a contemporary colour touchscreen interface, the FANTOM also sports a raft of tactile knobs and sliders for immediate control.

Confusing operation is a thing of the past with the FANTOM. Boasting a 'modeless' interface, players never have to worry about what features work in which mode; FANTOM is always in full-on creative mode providing a consistent working experience in every musical scenario. And with workspaces called 'scenes', the instrument can be fully customised and instantly reconfigured for different composition and performance setups.

At the core of the FANTOM is its expandable sound engine. Built upon decades of Roland research and development, the FANTOM enables different synth combinations alongside a versatile analog filter and an enviable selection of effects for bespoke sound-creation. A potent DSP engine gives you immense processing power too, making it possible to run all 16 parts with all available effects at once. Dual CV/Gate outputs let you drive external modular and analog synthesizers too!

Roland now offer the FANTOM-0 series, a streamlined, lighter version of the FANTOM models. Despite its smaller footprint, the FANTOM-06, FANTOM-07 and FANTOM-08 still manage to retain the majority of key features that make the FANTOMs such stunning instruments. If you're looking for a high-end powerful synth workstation with a ton of top-class features, you'll be hard pressed to find one that weighs less than the FANTOM-0 series!