Mapex Mars Drum Kits

It would be fair to describe the Mars Series as a bit of a versatile, drumming workhorse. It tackles any and all genres head-on.

Mapex Mars Drum Kits

If you regularly play a multitude of styles, a Mapex Mars is definitely the kit for you. 100% birch shells (with a relatively shallow depth) deliver quick, clear sound that makes these drums extremely tonally well-rounded. You’ll also find a welcome responsiveness, with a fast stick rebound that’s present during every single strike.

Ingenious engineering choices further enhance the Mars’ build. SONIClear bearing edges reduce unwanted frequencies that can sometimes be present in other shells, while simultaneously making tuning an absolute breeze. Add to this SONIClear tom feet and tom suspension and you’ve got far better resonance too!

A compact nature – not to mention the specially designed hardware included with some configurations – makes the Mars series the perfect gigging companion. Lightweight, but sturdy, both the hardware and drums are highly portable and will see you through many a show.

The range of smart finishes on offer ensures that there’s bound to be something here that suits your own personal style. Combining affordability with a great sound, a Mars kit is ideal if you’re searching for that special upgrade on your first kit.