Live Mixers

Andertons Music Co. has a massive selection of live mixers to take your stage show to another level!

Live Mixers

A good live mixer can be the difference between a bad show, a good show and a fantastic show! Each one comes with varying degrees of control, and modern digital live mixers even allow you to recall presets night-after-night, as well as record out to your computer with ease. With a great live mixer, you can really take control of your PA system.

We’ve got live mixers that suit every need, from a small 4-track for acoustic singer-songwriters to the massive Behringer 32-track digital mixers. It can be daunting choosing the right live mixer, so please get in touch with us if you want bespoke advice on which mixer will suit your demands. We offer all of the most popular brands, including Peavey, Allen & Heath, Soundcraft, and many more.

A lot of digital liver mixers will also feature touch screen, which you can use to precisely adjust certain parameters. This makes the mixing process far more visual than it has been before, and it's useful modern advancement in the world of live mixing.

Check out our selection of live mixers below, and take advantage of our finance packages and free next-day delivery in the UK on orders over £99!