Guildford Piano Store

At our Guildford store in Surrey, we have a digital piano, keyboard and synthesizer department with a wide range of products waiting for you to come in and try!

We’ve got experts on hand to offer you fantastic customer service. Able to answer any questions that you have about any of our products, we want to help you choose the right gear for your needs.

Pianos, Keyboards & Synths

Andertons Music Co. stocks a raft of different digital pianos, stage pianos, keyboards and synths; always with a large selection on display for you to try out. There’s nothing quite like being able to gauge what an instrument is like before you buy it. Our showroom encompasses products from class-leading brands such as Roland, Casio, Yamaha, Nord and more.

We’ve got headphones available in the showroom too, so you can easily grab a pair and move from piano-to-piano to compare them. With a wide selection including white digital pianos as well as standard black, we also stock natural wood-finished pianos that are great for the home. If you prefer to have the headroom and hear the built-in speaker, then that’s perfectly fine too! We’ll even grab a keyboard amp if you want to crank it up a bit.

In-store Experts

There’s nothing worse than being confused about which instrument to try out or buy. Luckily, our experts have helped thousands of customers find their dream digital piano, keyboard or synth.

We have beginner digital pianos and keyboards for those that aspire to play the piano, and our experts would be happy to talk you through the differences between models if you’re unsure.

Large Showroom

We’ve got a huge, spacious showroom with a number of different products around. We’ve also got digital piano accessories on the shop room floor, and you can speak to one of our in-store experts about the digital piano bundles that we have on offer. These let you save some money if you’re after an all-encompassing package deal.

If you're not sure about which digital piano you want to look at before you even arrive, read our guide to digital pianos by clicking here.

Roland Planet Store

Andertons Music Co. is an official Roland Planet store, which means that we always have a Roland expert in-store to answer any questions or queries that you might have about their products. Whether that be a Roland digital piano, keyboard, synth or anything else!

Our Roland expert will happily run you through the ins and outs of any of their gear, showing you how to make the most of their innovative designs.

Being a Roland Planet store also means we’ll always have demo stock for anything that you want to try out, available on the shop floor!

This is where it all began - we've been making musicians for over 50 years! From beginners to professionals, young and old. Come to our store and the find the gear that you love in a relaxed environment. We'd love to see you!


  • Andertons Music Co.
  • 58 & 59 Woodbridge Road
  • Guildford, Surrey
  • GU1 4RF

Opening Hours

  • Monday 9:30am-6:00pm
  • Tuesday 9:30am-6:00pm
  • Wednesday 9:30am-6:00pm
  • Thursday 9:30am-6:00pm
  • Friday 9:30am-6:00pm
  • Saturday 9:30am-6:00pm
  • Sunday 11:00am-5:00pm

Seasonal Opening Hours

  • All bank holiday Mondays - Open
  • Christmas Day 25th December - Closed
  • Boxing Day 26th December - Closed
  • New Years Day 1st January - Closed
  • Easter Sunday - Closed

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Andertons Music Co. Piano Department

Andertons Music Co. is one of the world's leading retailers for digital pianos, keyboards and synthesizers. Stocking products from some of the industry's leading brands, including Roland, Yamaha, Moog and Sequential, our diverse catalogue ensures that players of all disciplines and tastes are catered for.

Digital pianos come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional upright-style pianos to compact home and stage pianos. If you're a beginner, we boast a large selection of starter pianos to get you on the right track; all the way to high-end, premium pianos for experienced players.

The keyboard market is almost equally as diverse, and we're proud to carry products from the likes of Casio and Korg. Starting from simple solutions to kitted out arrangers, our selection of keyboards will unlock tonnes of creativity.

Last but certainly not least, Andertons Music Co. also boasts an enviable range of synthesizers. Definitely suited for the more modern-minded, our inventory encompasses everything from modular and semi-modular synths to powerful, full-fledged workstations for the most fastidious of musicians.

Recently Viewed Items

Recently Viewed Items