Digitech Guitar Effects

Digitech are an established name in the effects pedal world. As a long-standing company, they have released a number of game-changing products over the years, most notably their “Whammy” pedal.

Digitech Guitar Effects

Specialising in digital circuitry, hence their name, Digitech were among the first to pioneer this technology in the pedal market. With more than three decades of experience, Digitech have formed a respected and renowned reputation within the industry.

History of Digitech

Founded in 1984, it was in 1989 that Digitech hit their stride with the iconic Whammy pedal. This modern classic is renowned for its pitch-bending capabilities, allowing users to raise or lower their guitar/bass sound by several octaves or intervals. This outside-the-box pedal gained notoriety for its whacky sounds, with its expression pedal giving players direct control over its parameters.

Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine is arguably the most famous user of the Whammy, bringing it to the attention of countless guitarists wanting to recreate his distinctive sound. Steve Vai is another high-profile user, integrating it into his setup to achieve equally unconventional sounds and expand his virtuosic style.

Digitech’s rackmount Time Machine digital delay and IPS33 Smart Shift harmonizers were staples in the late 80s and early 90s, but the company subsequently turned to floor-based stompboxes and multi-effects units in following years. Their RP and GNX series units were entry-level multi-effects boards that offered realistic emulation of their analogue pedal counterparts. Selling strongly with beginners, the RP units are still available today.

Also boasting a line of compact pedals, Digitech’s “Bad Monkey” Overdrive from 2004 was highly regarded for offering Tubescreamer-esque tones at an incredibly affordable price-point. The Hardwire line, introduced in the late 00s, consisted of more high-end pedals, covering most effect types. With overdrive/distortion, modulation and time-based effects on offer, these quickly became popular and praised for their quality.

The Digitech Range

Today, Digitech are still a popular brand despite facing more competition than ever. Joined with the revived DOD Electronics company in 2010, Digitech’s current product range includes the expanded Whammy series as well as some other forward-thinking designs.

Undergoing several updates over the years, refining the formula and improving its features, the current Whammy DT model offers more tweakability and options than any of its predecessors. The Ricochet is a stompbox-sized version of the Whammy, delivering the same sounds but in a more pedalboard-friendly enclosure.

Digitech’s Drop pedal derives from the Whammy, artificially detuning your guitar to let you achieve alternative tunings without the pain of using several guitars. Their current compact pedal range also includes the Obscura Delay and Polara Reverb, stereo-enabled pedals offering lush yet unique sounds. The recently released Freqout pedal generates realistic feedback sounds with unbelievable conviction, with latching, non-latching and pitch-shifting capabilities.