Yamaha Pacifica Guitars

Many guitarists believe that electric guitars from Yamaha’s Pacifica series are aimed at beginners - but they couldn’t be more wrong! These are some of the best all-around guitars on the market.

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1 - 24 of 46

Yamaha Pacifica Guitars

Yamaha's Pacifica 012 and 112V models are excellent starter instruments for aspiring players, while their 311H and 611 series counterparts are stunning, highly-versatile electric guitars that even experienced pros would feel at home with.

The majority of the lower-priced Pacifica models feature flexible HSS pickup configurations, providing players with a wide tonal palette. Boasting modern-shaped necks that ensure excellent playability, these instruments are also available in an assortment of super-cool finishes.

The Yamaha 311H and 611 models are equally diverse from a tonal perspective, all fitted with a single bridge humbucker and a punchy P90 in the neck position. With electronics that allow you to split the humbucker coils, you can attain sparkly single-coil sounds for that extra sonic dimension. Fitted with Grover locking tuners and Graph Tech nuts to keep your tuning solid and stable, the 611 models also feature high-end pickups from Seymour Duncan - delivering uncompromising tone!

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Yamaha Pacifica Guitars FAQs

Is a Yamaha Pacifica guitar any good?

Yamaha Pacifica guitars are considered as some of the best for beginners and intermediates. Versatile with their HSS pickup configurations, these affordable guitars also offer a comfortable feel with smooth, fast-playing necks.

Where are Yamaha Pacifica guitars made?

Yamaha Pacifica guitars are manufactured in the Far East, which makes them affordable for most players. Their build quality is typically superb, and these instruments have a reputation as some of the best beginner and intermediate guitars available on the market.

What's the difference between Yamaha Pacifica 012 and 112 guitars?

There are a few minor differences between Yamaha’s entry-level Pacifica 012 and 112 guitars. The 012 features an Agathis body with a Sonokeling fingerboard, while the 112 has a more customary Alder body with a Rosewood fretboard. Although these materials are similar tonally, the woods used to build the 112 conform more to the classic electric guitar construction pioneered by Fender. Yamaha’s Pacifica 112 guitars are also available in more colours than the 012.