Vox AC15 Amps

The original Vox amp is still in production today! With that iconic bright Vox tone in a small, all-valve amp the AC15 is a versatile workhorse amp.

Vox AC15 Amps

Vox's very first amp, the AC15 (AC1/15 at the time), was an instant success when it launched back in 1958. That success has continued over the past six decades with the AC15 remaining a core member of the Vox range.

It's easy to tell why the AC15 has been popular. It's an all-valve combo design and its small size makes it versatile enough to be played at home, in the studio, or on the stage. But most importantly, it's got that iconic Vox sound: clean, bright, and jangly. While its big brother the AC30 may have dominated the stages of classic British rock bands, the AC15 still provides that instantly recognisable tone that was a staple of the genre from the 60s and beyond. The Shadows used an AC15 in the early days, John Lennon's first Vox amp was an AC15 Twin, and you can also hear an AC15 on the classic James Bond theme.

These days the AC15 comes in many forms so you can pick the one that suits your needs the best. You can get AC15s with either a "Greenback" or "Alnico Blue" Celestion speaker, the former providing a warmer, more rounded sound, and the latter offering greater articulation. You can get the twin version with two 12" speakers or no speakers with the head version. Whichever configuration you opt for the AC15 offers classic tone in a small package.

Vox Amps AC15 FAQs

How many watts is an AC15?

The Vox AC15 is a 15-watt amplifier.

Where is the Vox AC15 made?

Standard Vox AC15s are made in China, while the hand-wired versions are made in Vietnam.

Does the Vox AC15 have an effects loop?

No, the Vox AC15 does not feature an onboard effects loop.

Is the Vox AC15 loud enough to gig?

Yes, with 15-watts of power and a 12" speaker, the AC15 is loud enough to perform in a full-band and is suitable for gigging in pubs, clubs, and bars.