Rupert Neve Designs

For decades, Rupert Neve has produced some of the world’s finest studio recording equipment.

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Rupert Neve Designs

If you’re a recording and sound engineering enthusiast, the Neve name has legendary status. Renowned for creating some of the most desirable studio mixing consoles among professionals within the music industry, Rupert Neve’s company is also acclaimed for its mic preamps, compressors and EQs.

With their products undergoing thorough development and testing before reaching consumers, their quality in terms of sound and build is practically unmatched.

History of Rupert Neve

Rupert Neve was born in Britain in 1926. After spending most of his childhood living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Neve joined the British Navy at the age of 17, developing his electrical engineering skills.

After working for other companies and expanding his knowledge, Rupert formed Neve Electronics in 1961. Credited by many as the man who made the mixing console, Neve was a key pioneer of the 60s sound and beyond. With demand growing after building a cutting-edge console for Phillips Records in 1964, the rest as they say, is history...

Over the years, Neve’s reputation has attracted the attention of many other companies within the music industry. Collaborating with the likes of Focusrite, Taylor Guitars and sE Electronics to name just a few, Neve’s influence has spread across the entire community. 

The Rupert Neve Range

Andertons Music Co. currently stocks a range of Rupert Neve studio outboard modules. Aimed at the most serious of studio equipment connoisseurs, you can achieve ultra-rich, record-quality sounds with these powerful pieces of gear. 

From modules such as the 5043 H & V compressor/limiters to the 5012 & 5024 mic pres, delivering unparalleled signal processing, Neve also produces the advanced 5059 Summing Mixer, which can serve as the centrepiece of your studio setup.