Rainger FX

These wacky creations are the brainchild of David Rainger, a UK-based pedal designer striving to create new effects for the modern guitarist.

Rainger FX

We’re excited to introduce to you Rainger FX, a breath of fresh air in the world of average overdrives, soggy reverbs and dull delays.

David worked as a recording studio engineer and writer for music magazines, getting up close and personal with guitar effects since the 1980s. He started making his own pedals for personal use, until people took an interest in his distinctive creative style.

Rainger FX offer an eclectic mix of effects built with custom casings and electronics. These stompboxes are totally unique, and produce that specific sound you’ve been missing from your pedalboard.

Get your hands on the likes of large, all-encompassing pedals like the Dr Freakenstein Chop Fuzz or Drone Rainger, with endless possibilities and design packing layers of tones. 

Alternatively, check out the micro sized pedals – even smaller than the standard mini size, still crammed with loads of dials an parameters.

Unique to Rainger FX is the Igor realtime controller, a circular expression pedal that fits in the palm of your hand. You can use this with your fingers or foot to get the most out of your effects pedals – utilising a simple stereo 1/4″ jack.