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Marshall is arguably one of the biggest names in electric guitar amplification. With their legendary amps adorning the stages of some of rock’s biggest names, their products remain a popular choice in the 21st Century.

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Marshall FAQs

Why are Marshall amps so popular?

Marshall Amplification was founded by Jim Marshall in 1962, and quickly became synonymous with increased volume and crunchy sound. Marshall amps were also popularised by trailblazing guitarists like Pete Townshend, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page. They eventually became one of the go-to brands for crunchy-sounding amps, popular among rock and metal players - and remain so to this day.

What's the difference between Marshall JCM, JVM and DSL?

Marshall JCM amps were introduced in 1981, with EL34 power valves and a more high-gain sound than some of their previous amplifiers. Marshall JVM amps offer more versatility, with extra channels and controls, while retaining the famous Marshall crunch. DSL stands for Dual Super Lead, and could be seen as the mid-point between JCM and JVM. 2-channel Marshall crunch, but with additional controls and versatile sound options.

Are Marshall amps valve-powered or solid-state?

Like many manufacturers, Marshall offer both valve-powered and solid-state options in their range. Many of their valve amps offer the classic crunch sounds that put the brand on the map, like the reissue JCM. By contrast, their solid-state and modelling amps tend to have more modern sounds - very versatile and great for practice/recording.

Why do some Marshall Amps have multiple inputs?

Some Marshall amps have multiple inputs that you can choose depending on your instrument/preferred sound. The differences are usually high/low-gain input and rhythm/treble. This lets you choose between a softer, cleaner sounds and brighter/more aggressive tones.

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