Image-Line Software are most well known for their incredibly popular DAW - FL Studio.


Founded in Belgium in 1994, they actually began life as a video game developer, before branching out into audio software three years later. 

Their first breakthrough in this arena came in the form of FruityLoops 1.0, a rudimentary MIDI-only drum machine. After further development, FruityLoops eventually morphed into a versatile, fully-fledged DAW, edging ever closer to the same version of the software that's become widely adopted by producers today. 

Due to an ongoing trademark altercation with Kellogg's over their cereal of the same name, FruityLoops was rebranded as FL Studio.

Image-Line continue to develop dedicated plug-ins and virtual instruments built from the ground-up for FL Studio. Thanks to this continual support, paired with regular creative additions, the software has gone from strength to strength since it's inception. It is now one of the most popular pieces of production software in the world.