EastCoast Classical Guitars

EastCoast may boast an incredible range of electric guitars, but its classical offerings are equally amazing! With many models available for under £100, these guitars are the perfect instruments for anyone playing for the first time!

EastCoast Classical Guitars

Are you an aspiring guitarist looking to start your musical journey the right way? You've landed at the right place! EastCoast's classical guitars provide brilliant bang-for-the-buck and are among some of the best beginner instruments we've ever come across. Classical guitars are perfect for children or anyone picking up the guitar for the very first time, as their nylon strings are much softer than the steel strings on an acoustic or electric guitar, allowing you to spend more time honing your skills without causing finger pain!

EastCoast Classical Guitar Range

The C1 body shape from EastCoast is a familiar shape that truly looks the part. It's medium size makes it more comfortable to play when first starting out than a larger body shape like a dreadnought. The C1 comes in full 4/4 size as well as 3/4 and 1/2 size, so that children can start learning without the obstacle of a guitar that's too big for their body or hands! All EastCoast classical guitars come with a waterproof padded gigbag included, allowing you to take it anywhere and keep it protected.

The C1 is built from Basswood back and sides and a Sitka Spruce top, a very popular wood for classical and acoustic guitars for it's resonant properties, allowing the instrument to project clearly as it's played.

The fingerboard is constructed from Rosewood, a premium wood that is highly sought after for the warm tone it imparts on the guitar's sound, and it's velvety smooth feel, making playing feel easy.

The C1S Solid top uses a single piece of Sitka Spruce on the top of the guitar. While a more expensive technique, it offers a richer and fuller sound.

The C1SE has both a solid top and built in electronics, allowing you to plug into and amp or PA to project your sound as far as you want, to fill any venue, perfect for playing live, or recording straight to a USB recording device without having to set up microphones.