1981 Inventions

Handmade guitar pedals in a vaporwave aesthetic. Authentic boutique style and sound in a stompbox.

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1981 Inventions

1981 Inventions are renowned for the DRV; a simple, sleek box of distortion handmade and handwired in the USA. No expense is spared here, as the DRV uses the very best components. Sturdy steel enclosure, pristine elctronics, Switchcraft 11 open frame jacks and super quiet soft switching. You and your audience will know the sound without knowing it's even there.

The DRV is a collaboration project between Matthew Hoopes and Bondi Effects engineer Jon Ashley. You can't be wrong in saying that the DRV has a genuinely unique tone, comprising of both a distortion and preamp boost running at 18v. It meets the needs of both low and high gain. Whether you're layering with other overdrives or using the DRV as the driving force behind your sound, it'll provide a touch of class and sweetness to your chords. It also has a characteristic midrange punch, much like what you get when recording with a ribbon microphone.