Sire Acoustic Guitars
Buyers Guide

Welcome to a fresh take on classic acoustic designs. Sire are masters of superb instrument quality at outstanding prices.

Let's explore the Sire acoustic range...

What Are Sire Acoustic Guitars?

Sire are rightfully famous for their bass guitar line-up. The forward-thinking team of builders co-designed the basses with the one-and-only Marcus Miller, a player with undoubted prestige and an eye for detail.

They had huge success with Marcus – so why not collaborate with another household name? In steps jazz fusion legend Larry Carlton. Sire have once again had the hands and eyes of a seasoned pro help shape their guitar catalogue, this time with their focus turned to electrics and acoustics.

Sire acoustics boast sleek aesthetics, an extremely impressive build quality and classy finishing touches. If you're looking for your first lifelong guitar companion, you really can't go wrong here. They're built to last and produce crisp tones.

The Sire Acoustic Range

Included in the Sire range are two body types: dreadnoughts and grand auditoriums; the former possessing strong acoustic projection and a rich low-end tone, with the latter focused on the upper register and manoeuvrability for smaller players or those on the go. 

You've also got two classic finishes to pick from. Once you've made up your mind, it's time to get stuck into strumming and fingerpicking. These are trustworthy workhorse guitars geared up to be played in over time.

Sire A3 acoustics are perfect for players looking for an upgrade on their beginner guitar. They're kitted out with great specs - not only for the price, but full stop. Making up the bodies are mahogany backs and sides and a roasted spruce top, with a mahogany neck and rustic rosewood fretboard.

A key feature Sire like to use across all their instruments is roasted wood. This process, otherwise known as torrefaction or baking, rids the wood of impurities and makes it even hardier than it was before. You can be safe in the knowledge that a roasted wood guitar will survive plenty of bumps and scrapes.

The A4 possesses many of the same traits as the A3, but with one main difference: a solid mahogany wood body. Solid woods in acoustic building are always a sign of real quality. Not only do they look even better than their laminated counterparts, but they're more resilient, and most importantly of all, produce a richer full-body tone. 

Sire guitars feel great to play and their rolled fretboard edges add to the fantastic playing experience. They offer a seamless feel – there are no jagged edges or rough finishes digging into your fretting hand. Standard appointments across the A3 and A4 series also include a low profile “C” neck shape and flat 16” radius fretboards. Keeping tuning stability in and intonation in check are real bone nuts and saddles.

The Zebra SIB Preamp

The Zebra SIB (Simple Is Best) aims to combine the best of both piezo and microphone worlds: a piezo under saddle pickup and an internal mic. The unique controls allow you to take this combination and make it your own. The pickup blend controls the level of the microphone, the overall volume, and EQ searcher, which latter acts as a mid-contour control ranging from accentuated bass to boosted treble and mid. It’s up to you to find your sweet spot!

The SIB system has been specifically voiced to suit a wide range of acoustic players. This means a smooth but dynamic response perfect for fingerpickers, singer-songwriters and ballad strummers alike.

About Sire

Sire began their journey in Korea in the late ‘90s. A group of friends set about making their own instruments after becoming frustrated with rising prices. After much hard work, research and determination, their instruments turned out a lot better than they expected – so good, in fact, that they started to attract the attention of other musicians. Combining excellent quality with affordable prices seemed to be a winning formula.

As demand grew in Korea, founder Kyle Kim saw an opportunity. He began seeking international expansion, but it found it difficult to break into the market due to tough competition. He set up Sire USA in Los Angeles, and began contacting influential artists for help. It was at this point, they crossed paths with Marcus Miller, a living legend in the bass world. Kim’s vision resonated with Miller, and led to highly successful design collaboration. The Marcus Miller line of basses from Sire were an international success. Now, Sire are looking to the horizon for their next adventure – onward and upward!