PRS SE Guitars

The SE in PRS SE stands for Student Edition, and was created out of necessity for guitarists to have the option of a more affordable PRS guitar on the market.

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1 - 24 of 54

PRS SE Guitars

The PRS SE guitars are made in South Korea and are hailed for being some of the best value for money guitars on the planet. The SE range has got plenty of signature models but also includes the standards like the Custom 24 and Custom 22 as well as some more eclectic models like the Baritone and 7-string guitars.

The PRS SE guitars are versatile and well-built and will easily stand up to many American and Japanese instruments. These are by no means starter guitars however, used by professionals and amateurs alike. In 2018, PRS also introduced a selection of SE acoustics, designed with the modern player in mind. If you want a more affordable version of a Core model then perhaps an SE will be perfect for you.

PRS SE Guitars FAQs

What does PRS SE stand for?

SE stands for ‘Student Edition’. PRS introduced its affordable SE series guitars in 2000 to appeal to beginners and intermediates. The quality of the range has greatly improved in the years since, with modern PRS SE models equipped with features typically found on their US-made Core series counterparts. This includes bird inlays, body/neck binding and hotter-sounding pickups.

Where are PRS SE guitars made?

PRS SE guitars are manufactured in the Far East. Currently, all PRS SE models are made by ‘World Musical Instruments Co.’ in South Korea, which is the same factory used by other guitar brands like Schecter and Chapman.

Are PRS SE guitars worth the money?

PRS SE guitars are considered some of the best bang-for-your-buck instruments on the market. Adhering closely to the specifications of their US-made Core counterparts, including the flagship Custom 24 and 22 models, PRS’ SE series provides budget-conscious musicians with world-class instruments that won’t break the bank.

What is the difference between PRS SE and S2?

PRS’ SE series guitars are constructed in the Far East, while their S2 models are assembled at their main factory in Maryland, USA. The PRS S2 series somewhat bridges the gap between the brand’s SE and Core lines, made up of a number of stripped-back models that serve as fantastic workhorse instruments.