Sire Marcus Miller U Series Short-Scale Basses

Sire Marcus Miller U Series Short-Scale Basses

If you're a beginner searching high and low for your first bass, or an experienced player looking for the next great addition to your arsenal, a short-scale bass can be an equally perfect option. Their simple ease of use makes them instantly accessible for newcomers and professionals alike - resulting in a noticeable surge in popularity over the last few years.  

The Sire Marcus Miller U5 is a high-performance passive bass guitar featuring a timeless offset body with a distinctly modern aesthetic. It's shorter 30" inch scale makes everything feel a little more compact and incredibly comfortable to play. The shorter scale length also reduces string tension so the notes fall effortlessly under your fingers. Throw Sire's rolled fingerboard edges into the mix and you won't want to put the U5 down!

Tonally, the U5 has an excellent range, which is a credit to Sire given that short-scale basses are not typically known for this. The Jazz and Precision-style pickups can be blended for a host of tones from dark and punchy, to bright and dynamic. So if you're the type of player who loves to experiment with different sounds, the U5 has got your back!

When you take all of these features, and throw in Sire's top-notch build quality and attention you detail, you'll be hard pushed to find another bass at this price point that offers so much bang for your buck!

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